Máy quang phổ

Máy quang phổ

Máy quang phổ

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 Máy quang phổ
Máy quang phổ AM-722-2000

Xuất Xứ: TQ

● Grating as dispersive element
● T,A,C and F digital direct display

Main specifications
● avelength range 330-1000nm
● pectral band 6nm
● avelength accuracy ±2nm
● tray light Less than 0.5%Tat340nm
● ransmittance 0%to 125.0%T
● bsorbency 0A to 1.999A
● oncentration 0-1999C 0-1999F
● ower 90-260V 50-60Hz
 Máy quang phổ Máy UL-VI  QUANG PHỔ UV-754

Xuất xứ: TQ

● Plane holographic grating as dispersive element
● Optical system: auto-collimating optical system
● T,A,C digital direct display
● With the function of timely printing, data storage, protection from power off etc.
● 8 curve equation storage available at any time
● Auto zero and full scale adjustment and auto eliminating error from cuvette coupling
Main specifications
●Wavelength range: 200nm-800nm
●Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm
●Spectral band: 6nm
●Stray lights: ≤0.6% (220nm)
●Stability: a light currency 0.5%(T)/3min b dark currency 0.2%(T)/3min
●Transmittance range: 0.0%-110.0%(T)
●Absorbance range: 0-3.000(A)
●Concentration display range: 0.000-9999(C)
●T-A conversion accuracy: ±0.002(A)
●Power: 220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz


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