Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL – PM 10

Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL - PM 10

Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL – PM 10

Xuất Xứ
Hà nội, Việt Nam
Tên sản phẩm
Hệ thống lọc,cấp khí phòng mổ
Số Model
Số lượng đặt hàng tối thiểu
1 Set/Sets
Quy cách đóng gói
Pallet gỗ, Containers
Thời gian giao hàng
15 ngày
Điều khoản thanh toán
L/C, T/T
Khả năng cung cấp
100 Set/Sets Tháng


Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL – PM 10

Filtering ceiling with recycled air for operation rooms Risk 4 (according to NF S 90-351)


● Enables the supply of total requested air flow in operation theatres by completing a primary low air flow by recycled air.

● Enables, for rooms with a fixed air flow, to increase with one or two sizes the dimensions of the supply ceiling.

● Modularity: organization of the recycling modules at demand.

● Enables the use of Air Treatment Units of small sizes.

● 4 ventilation modes possible (stop, night, day and/ or fast decontamination).

● ECM motor (low consumption).


● Ceiling with unidirectional in operation rooms with risk 4 (according to NF S 90-351)

● In renovation when it is impossible to bring the integrality of the requested air flow via a treatment central or duct


● In addition of existing installations where an increase of

supplied air flow is wanted.

Construction/ composition:

● Cyclope is a set composed of:

– A filtering ceiling for operation room.

– 1 for 4 recycling units.

● Each recycling units is a standard design.

Only it’s organization of the supplying ceiling will be

personal to each project and will have to take into account:

– The position of the primary air inlet sleeve.

– The position of atmosphere lights.

– The position of possible arms anaesthetic or other.

● The recycling is composed of galvanised steel for the false ceiling parts, and in stainless steel AISI 304 for parts visible from the rooms (extract unit and access slab to moto-fans).

Max height = 450 mm.

● It contains in the direction of the air:

– A extract grille in white perforated sheet enabling the direct air intake in room. Horizontal position, visible from false ceiling.

– A F5 filter is accessible from the room by removing the extract grille.

– 2 moto-fans type ECM (keep the flow constant whatever the clogging of the filters), accessible from the room by the intermediate of two slabs in the false ceiling.

Each recycling unit will supply when functioning normally

2000  m3/h (1000 m3/h per fan):

– 1 silencer set upstream and downstream of the moto-fan blow.

Necessary services:

● Assembly of the plenum and recycling units.

● Assembly of filters and grilles and integrity control.

● Parametering of control box.

Optional services:

Bio-cleaning of the room (before control).

● Particle validation of the room.


● The ceiling and the different recycling elements will be

delivered separately, in a plastic film on a wooden crate.

8 options

● Air extract connected on the wall extract grille GFF SP.

● Recycling unit: thickness 800 and flow 4000 m3 / h.


● The operation room risk 4 according to the norm NF S 90-351 will be equipped with a filtering ceiling in stainless steel equipped with terminal filters Very High Efficiency and white lacquered diffusion grilles. It will be supplied for 50% of the treated air flow in air treating units. The othe 50% will be reinjected in upstream of filters, with a recycling unit equipped with a pre-filtration F5 and acoustic baffles.

● Type CYCLOPE, France Air brand.

Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL - PM 10 Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL - PM 10

Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL - PM 10 Hệ thống lọc cấp khí phòng mổ TL - PM 10



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