Filtering ceiling TL – PM 09

Filtering ceiling TL - PM 09

Filtering ceiling TL – PM 09

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Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm Filtering ceiling TL – PM 09

Filtering ceiling for ISO 5 rooms according to 14644-1 for operation theatres risk 3 or 4


● France Air commits the airtightness of the system by placing a plenum and filters.

● Very simple and riliable filter tightening system.

● Diffusion grille generating, on the whole surface to protect, a unidirectional flow as described in the Norm NF S 90-351.

8 range

● 7 standard dimensions: from 1390 x 1330 to 2975 x 2060.

● Supplied air flow from 1330 m3/h to 8000 m3/h.

● Standard height: 450 mm.

● Filtration V.H.E: H14 or U15 in standardised heights (thickness 68 mm).


● Filtering ceiling with unidirectional flow enabling the obtaining of ISO 5 according to te norm EN ISO 14644-1 at the required air renewable rate.

● Sterile room, aseptic covers.

● Hospitals and pharmacteutic industries…

● Wall version for horizontal flow.

Filtering ceiling TL - PM 09 Filtering ceiling TL - PM 09

Construction/ composition:

● Plenum:

– Stainless steel sheet (10/10th) with white epoxy paint RAL 9010.

– Pressure tap (diam. 3 mm) on one of the vertical sides.

– Return of 25 mm at inferior part for fitting of false-seiling.

– Angle bracket supplied with fixing holes (diam. 10 mm every 60 cm) at superior part for fixing of the slap.

– Lateral air inlet made of a rigid sleeve (height 200 mm– depth: 150 mm).

● Support frames for filters:

– Stainless steel sheet (15/10th) with white epoxy paint RAL 9010.

– Forming at low part of the plenum a self-supporting frame on which the filters are assembled.

– Gasket surface perfectly airtight and flat, withour possibility of leaks in angles.

– Assembly of frames between themselves and frame/plenum assembly done at factory.

– Contains 6 tightening points for the filters. The filters tightening  is done with stainless steel pivoting feet 1/4 turn.

– Contains 4 fixing insets for grilles or the maskings.

● Filters “Very high efficiency” (not included):

– Filtering cells, standard size: 3.6 – 9.6 and 12.6.

– Efficiency: H14 or U15.

● Diffusion grilles:

– Stainless steel sheet (performation rate: 40%) with white epoxy rate RAL 9010.

– Ensures a regular air diffusion, withour stopping or dead zone.

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