Cách lắp đặt FFU

Cách lắp đặt FFU

Cách lắp đặt FFU

Set-Free System


It is applicable for single unit or group units to control Start,Stop, and Speed. And also has alarm function for abnormal situation. Easy operation and convenient installation.

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Composition Set-Free System

• Set-Free System Total Max. Controlled FFU No.: 63 units

• Total MAX. Controlled FFU No.:63 units

• Set-Free System Control System, is applicable for small group of FFU. Ex. Clean

Booth, Clean Bench, Clean Operating Room, Garment Stocker…so on.

Clean Booth:

Cách lắp đặt FFU   Cách lắp đặt FFU


Wiring instruction

Cách lắp đặt FFU


Communication Lines Spec (2P4 Core Twisted Pair Isolated Wire)


UL2464 – 24 AWG stranded(2P 4 core) tinned copper conductors, insulation, twisted pair wire, outer layer coated with aluminum foil(100% coverage) plus tinned copper braid(65% coverage), PVC jacket.

Cách lắp đặt FFU


Set Free System integrated with SCADA Control System, besides the Set Free Control nearby, the factory personnel in the central control room far away can also clearly be aware of the situation of each Set Free System, and adjust the cleanliness of each Set Free System per the special condition and requirement.

Cách lắp đặt FFU

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